Gaela Character Review: Taeleigh
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Gaela Character Review: Taeleigh

Taeleigh is the daughter of a female Elf/dryad and Saytr father. Her father being ever filled with wonderlust left home to follow his own path while her mother kept Tae extremely sheltered within a woodland valley grove.

Having been so isolated for the majority of her life, Tae’s social skills leave much to be desired and her curiosity is positively boundless. When she happens upon someone she is respectful but can’t seem to stop herself from asking questions of all kinds while having absolutely no concept of “personal” space.

Tae is well versed in wood elf lore and has very sharp survival skills including that of the bow and knife. Red meat makes Tae very ill as she is mainly a vegetarian but enjoys fresh fish as a welcome staple to her diet.

Current RP Thread: Tae’s mother was killed in a skirmish with unknown assailants. This forced her to seek out the nearby town for supplies and information about the creatures who killed her mother.

Why did you choose the character you did? I wanted to have a fun, innocently spirited character who would have a large story arch.
How did you come up with your Backstory? love of all things fantasy/fae. I enjoy having a creative mind and I let it run amuck when creating Tae.

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Post source : Nu Vibez / Roleplay Guide Issue #33

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