SL Greek Life | Gamma Sigma Mu
Photo Credit To Filipa Thespian

SL Greek Life | Gamma Sigma Mu

Participating in SL Greek Life is may be one of the staple pursuits during college. Second Life also offers the opportunity of pledging, crossing, and building a bond of sisterhood or brotherhood among other like minded individuals. Nu Vibez will be giving the spotlight to Gamma Sigma Mu, a sorority that hosted their First Freak Show Circus on November 6th-8th, 2015.

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Gamma Sigma Mu, Ғ£Ṃ, founded by Fallen Jigsaw, BiPie Deceit, and SwitchBlade Zane, is a sisterhood of women who seek to inspire synchronization, sophistication, love, and dedication within the organization, gay, and all other communities in  Second Life through showcasing a constructive outlook through community service.

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This fun event lasted all weekend long with LIVE Freak Shows! Decorated impeccably with a food court, roller coaster, bumper cars, Ferris wheel, Big Top, Cannon, Rocket, this event brought an element of joy to the grid that was definitely missing.

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Did Miss Khloe get a chance to predict your future?

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Filipa Thespian & her fathers enjoying a quick swim in…….waffles?!

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The Ferris wheel is safe they said..

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Please enjoy these memorable photos of the circus land!

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The mission of Gamma Sigma Mu Sorority in their SL Greek Life is to provide the lesbian and bisexual women with an organization of their interest. They seek to motivate lesbians and bisexual women to use their organization as a stepping stone to develop esteem, respect, and pride for one’s self, the sisterhood, and one’s community in Second Life.  The members of Gamma Sigma Mu strive to use sisterhood, community service, and a positive representation to change and challenge negative perspectives about the lesbian and bisexual community in Second Life, while impacting other communities as well.

If you would like to find out more information about Greek Life in Second Life, please feel free to message AlexaSimone Dexler, Confectionate, Subtlefire, and/or TayTayBonita in-world!

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