Pip’s Flickr Pic’s – Savor Serenity by Inara Pey
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Pip’s Flickr Pic’s – Savor Serenity by Inara Pey

I knew Inara Pey is an experienced and well trafficked Blogger, but I hadn’t realized how her photography skills had grown until I came across a landscape of hers that led me to her Flickr page and ultimately, to this amazing shot of a scene in the sim, Savor Serenity.

Now, all those who know me know, I have a real thing for Dragons so … when this picture hit me, I was stalled in my mouse-wheel rolling path.  Using light, color, blur and shadow, Inara turned what otherwise is a very still/static prop in a beautiful sim scene and gave it power, movement, emotion and flight.

Soon after I saw this photo, I stumbled across another talented artist on Flickr who had used the same scene to create their own version incorporating an avatar reacting and really bold colors.  It too was eye grabbing and delightful, so much so I almost made this post about both photos, but I had to really evaluate the two for which had movement and power vs. just color and story.

My hat’s off to you Inara, this is simply a striking display of talent to create such animation from stillness.  Click here to see the full size photo on Inara’s Flickr directly.  It’s really worth it!

Pip’s Flickr Pic’s – Savor Serenity by Inara Pey Reviewed by on .

Here's a breakdown of the various aspects of this photo.


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Here's a breakdown of the various aspects of this photo.

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Mood or Emotion
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