Pip’s Flickr Pic’s – The Scandalous Lady by Meriluu (Mery M)
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Pip’s Flickr Pic’s – The Scandalous Lady by Meriluu (Mery M)

So, I stumbled across this equestrian group, Second Life Equestrian, that got its start last year and man oh man are their a lot of juicy eye candy shots in there.  This one caught my eye today in the header picture so I went hunting for it in the body so I could see the full pic and I was not disappointed.

Created by Meriluu (Mery M), this photo depicts a lady of the 1800’s I presume, trotting along a dock on a waterfront upon her majestic mount.  She sits proud in her magnificent gown as her steed prances feeling his magnificence as his powerful muscles carry her toward her destination be it shopping or just for a ride on a sunny afternoon.

When I look at this photo, the overall quality and shadow/blur depths catch my eye, once there, the colors hold me and my eyes begin to roam, to take it all in.  The key, to me, for a really epic photo or portrait is the story it tells, and I hope this post shares the story I see, as eloquently as the photo itself depicts the creator’s vision.

In the pic, Meriluu (Mery M) describes what she is wearing as, “hat+whip+outfit modify for WHR:Jinx & Belle Epoque : Lady Worsley Riding Outfit @ We Love RP,” and I must say, these creators should pay attention to this photographer as she has made me want to go shopping for their wares, that’s for darn sure!  thank you Meriluu (Mery M) for sharing this beautiful piece with us!

You can see this photo directly on Meriluu’s Flickr by clicking here.

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