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Nu Vibez Magazine includes Roleplay Guide Magazine since the summer of 2015. Nu Vibez has been published since 2008, Roleplay Guide since 2011.


We distribute to a wide varied audience inside Second Life, to our friends lists, in our readers groups, to our other specialized groups, to other marketing and community groups inside Second Life, through mailing subscriber lists from our website, and on social media sites and social media groups and lists.

When publishing day is done, somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million magazines have been distributed through all these mediums.


This is a pop-culture online and in-world magazine publication focused on topics of interest to virtual residents and “real-world” people alike. We cover stories in a wide range of topics including: news, contemporary issues, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, role-play, gaming, health, psychology, technology, sports and more.


The stories in Nu Vibez/Roleplay Guide are relevant in the Real World and in Virtual Worlds and our audience ranges in ages from 18 to 60 from a varied and diverse group of life disciplines and interests.


Rates are for completed ad art, requiring no further work beyond putting into the issue of your choice. Rates herein are for one ad placement in one issue only.

Cover Sponsorship (3 available) = L$35,000

  • Speak with your Advertising Coordinator for availability.
  • Includes your logo on the front cover plus a two-page ad in one of the first 3 spreads in the magazine. These get great response.
  • Also includes the following: Landmark, Notecard or link to your website.

2-page Spread = L$10,000

  • Includes one of the following: Landmark, Notecard or link to your website.

1-page Spread = L$6,000

  • Includes one of the following: Landmark, Notecard or link to your website.

1/2 page Ad (half of a 1-page spread) = L$4,000

  • Includes one of the following: Landmark, Notecard or link to your website.

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Each of these options have LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Please speak with your Advertising Coordinator for placement.

ONLY 2 page spreads are used on the inside front cover!

These rates are ADDED to the base ad rate mentioned above. If there are cover page sponsors, then the first two pages of ads are no longer available and you can refer to the last 3 placement opportunities below.

  • PREMIUM INSIDE Front Cover 2pg Spread + L$5,000
  • PREMIUM 2nd Page Ad 2pg Spread + L$4,000
  • Within the First 5 Spreads before Publisher’s Note + 45%
  • Within the 5 Spreads between Publisher’s & Editor’s Notes + 35%
  • Within the 5 Spreads between Editor’s & Credits Pages + 25%


Add-On’s are only available for the in-world (Second Life) magazine. The in-world magazine is a HUD worn book that offers a few amazing opportunities for advertisers.

When there is interactive information available about a page or ad in the magazine, you will see the “Info” tab stick out of the side of the magazine. This means that this page has something extra for the readers.


If you want to add more of these special features than is included in your base advertising price, here is the pricing to add to your bill:

  • Give GIFT + $2,000
    You can include an object of some sort to give away to readers. A “gift”. They see the tab light up letting them know there’s a free gift in the mag. They click it, and the object is delivered to them. GIFTS MUST BE COPY/TRANS!
  • Give NOTECARD + L$1,000
    Include a notecard with additional information about your product or service. When a reader clicks that tab, the notecard is delivered to them.
  • Give LANDMARK + L$1,000
    Include your landmark. When a reader clicks the LM button, your landmark is delivered to their landmarks folder. Automatically when a LM is included, the MAP button also lights up. When it is clicked, it opens the SL map and displays the associated Sim on the map.
  • Open WEBSITE + L$1,000
    Have the menu drop asking the reader if they want to go to your web page or SLURL on the Internet, when they click this button.


  1. If you’re putting a gift in, it MUST be transfer AND copy.
  2. Make sure landmarks and notecards are full perm.
  3. Give your gift, landmark, notecard and/or website URL to your Advertising Coordinator in world.


  • Website Links = no additional charge
  • Embedded Videos + L$5,000

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All advertising should be in a PNG or JPG format. Magazine Ads are 150dpi, Website ads are 72dpi and animated website ads must be in GIF format.


  • 2-page Ad Spreads are a full 2550 pixels wide by 1650 pixels tall at 150dpi and should be cut in half providing 2 images 1275 x 1650.
  • 1-page Ads are 1275 pixels wide by 1650 pixels tall at 150dpi.
  • 1/2 page Ad is one of the following:
    • Vertical = 638 pixels wide by 1650 pixels tall at 150dpi
    • Landscape = 1275 pixels wide by 825 pixels tall at 150dpi


Please inquire for availability for any of these opportunities:


  • Home Page top of page Banner (2 available) = L$18,000 / mo
  • Home Page Side Bar (2 available) = L$10,000 / mo
  • In Content Advertising per page = L$ 4,000 / mo
    • These are ads that show up in the content as you read.
  • In Content Advertising 2 (per page) = L$ 6,000 / mo
    • These are skyscraper ads that show up outside the frame of the webpage, to either the left or the right.
  • If your ad is animated + 30%
  • If you want a double tall ad + L$6,000 / mo
    • if someone has a double tall ad, then only one spot is available on that page.



  • Advertorials + L$6,000 / pg
    • minimum of 2 pages.
    • Additional charges will be incurred if text editing, photography and authorship services are required.
  • Ad Creation Services (in addition to ad rate)
    • Includes photography and artwork
    • Some Text writing/editing could run extra depending on the specifics
    • 1-page ad = L$6,500
    • 2-page spread = L$10,500
  • Photography + L$3,000 / Pic
  • Designer Collection Review + L$25,000
    • 4 pages of clothes review plus 1 advertisement full page
    • Includes write up, models, photography, post edited artwork and ad creation (A a total of 6 “pages”)
    • We can provide the models.
  • Your Own Event Review + L$8,000
    • A 2-Page Spread/Article
    • Includes write up, Pre-Photoshop photography & layout in the magazine.
    • Will also be a stand alone post on the website under Fashion.

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  • Shop and Offices on our Commercial Sim
  • Event Management/Marketing/Promotion
  • The Club Aid Program
  • The Club Hopping Program
  • Video Commercials
  • Audio and Video Commercial Creation Services
  • Branded Product Creation
  • Full Marketing Campaign Creation and Implementation


Ask us about commercial spots on iMoogi Radio, streaming in world on many sims (and growing) and online at

  • 15 and 30 second audio commercials
  • play during music sets between live shows
  • Infrequent Rotation
  • Moderate Rotation
  • Heavy Rotation
  • live DJs or show hosts run them during their sets



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Do you own a mall? Ask about group advertising buys so you can offer incentives and perks to your vendors to make renting with you more valuable and advertising with us more affordable. Feel free to mention this to malls/markets in which you already rent to see if they’d be willing to participate.


If you purchase an ad in more than one issue (or month for web) at a time, paid up front, in addition to any other discounts, you will receive the following:

  • 3 Months Paid in Advance – 3%
  • 6 Months Paid in Advance – 6%
  • 9 Months Paid in Advance – 9%
  • 12 Months Paid in Advance – 12%


If you have kiosk(s) out at your location(s), please let us know.  Once verified, you will receive your discount on all advertising you place, including with each renewal for as long as your
kiosk(s) consistently remain in world.

To get your kiosk selection kit, please contact your Advertising Coordinator

Important Note: Only 1 kiosk counts toward discount. If you have multiple kiosks out, only one will count toward a single advertisement’s cost.

IMPORTANT: Coming this summer, the Nu Vibez Tour Hud. Every kiosk Location will be in the tour hud! Tour huds will be given out in all publications and at every kiosk!


If you are playing the iMoogi Radio stream on your land or parcel as your regular stream, and our representatives can verify this on several blind visit attempts, we will add an additional 5% discount to your advertising with us.

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Check out our website,

You too Can Stream iMoogi In-World or listen in any player!

Here it is … copy this url below and put it in your media stream and voila … you’ll have iMoogi Radio coming to you live, 24/7.

====== THE STREAM ======



If you’re streaming on your sim between events, please contact us and tell us the details, you’ll be eligible for some spiffy rewards and marketing opportunities such as:

  • 15 second audio commercial to run on air
  • Website banner ads
  • Listed on our “whose streaming” page on the iMoogi Radio Website
  • Listed as a Sponsor on iMoogi Radio and Nu Vibez
  • Discounts on Advertising in Nu Vibez/Roleplay Guide Magazine
  • 1 free Club Aid event per month that you’re streaming

With the streaming, we ask that you put the iMoogi Radio URL in your about land description and in your Pics. The more you help us get the word out about iMoogi Radio, the more benefits that become available to you.


Please join our reader’s group and invite others you know as well. We encourage discussion on all things related to the magazine’s mission

To join, please search groups for “Nu Vibez Magazine Readers” OR copy and paste this URL into local in SL and click it:



    • Please submit advertisement artwork via email to
    • Please submit payments to the avatar, NuVibezMagazine

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No guarantees are given, expressed or implied as to results from advertising in Nu Vibez Magazine as too many variables, such as the content of your ad most specifically, impact where Nu Vibez has no control. We offer an opportunity for you to communicate with our readers, what happens next is up to you.

Nu Vibez Magazine Copyright © 2010-2017, Avatar PR. All rights reserved.  Roleplay Guide Copyright © 2011-2017, iMoogi Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.