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The Avatar PR Marketing Team presents …

Nu Vibez Magazine now combined with Roleplay Guide Magazine.

In June, 2015, Nu Vibez teamed up with Roleplay Guide Magazine to bring you the most complete virtual world / Second Life magazine on the grid.

Nu Vibez Magazine is a pop-culture online and in-world publication focused on topics of interest to virtual residents and “real-world” people alike.  We cover a wide range of topics including: News, Contemporary Issues, Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Role Play, Gaming, Health, Psychology, Technology, Sports and more.  The Nu Vibez/Roleplay Guide audience ranges in ages from 18 to 60 from a varied and diverse group of life disciplines.

Nu Vibez Magazine is owned by Avatar PR while Roleplay Guide Magazine is owned by iMoogi Enterprises, LLC.  The two companies work hand in hand to bring you many marketing and public relations opportunities as can be found on the Avatar PR website (www.AvatarPR.com).

We are many-thousands of readers strong in virtual worlds and online and our publications can be found on many social media sites and magazine distribution hubs.

Welcome to the future … it’s really cool in here!