Gaela Character Review: Alukin Borienaioct
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Gaela Character Review: Alukin Borienaioct

Race: Void Aether Arch Demon/Fallen

Age: 398,543,679,959 mark. Only remembers 9,621 of those years.

Back Story: No parents, as far as he knows. He was created by the four spirits, Aros of darkness, Aya of light, Deke of Magic and Lythera of nature; created along with several other beings to watch over the realm of Gaela.
When the wars started he was among those that chose not to fight and was cast out of the light. He was reborn from the Aetherial fires themselves his true base becoming that of the darkest most evil fires known. Colorings ranging from blacks, greens to blues reds and yellows though he favors green.

He was the first of 6 to be born of this fire and watched the others form before it dissipated. After this he sent his siblings to the far corners of the abyss and traveled on. He was found by an annoying succubus named “She”, that seemed intent to stick with him no matter how mean or violent he got.

They were never in the same place for very long before someone had to pick a fight most times he was vastly outnumbered and came away with great injuries but still he raged on, taking on and taking out all challengers.
When he woke one day to find that the succubus had vanished, he searched. Though he was happy to finally be rid of her and her incessant chatter he found he grew bored without her around and decided to find bigger challenges to amuse his time with. This quickly found him roaming the Dismal Caverns where he spent countless years going just a little bit mad.

He eventually came across the Blood Rift, which to him seemed dreadfully dull, though he had no time for mischief as his entry found him tugged in another direction entirely. This found him in another realm where he spent many years and had several half blood children before he returned to the abyss only to find the river again. This time he followed it down another path and returned to his home in Gaela where he quickly became the proprietor of the city.

Most Current Situation going on in your RP: An intimate roleplay with myself, my mate Anil, who is a siren and a djinn named eden. It began as a drink in the local cafe that lead to an offer for a drink between friends. Anil would feed from Eden taking his blood, as sirens do, and in return things got heated. The most memorable quote was this:
“Eden frowned and squirmed as he looked down at his chest as if making sure all his gems were there then back up shaking his head. “I never said It was a repayment, it seemed like what a friend might do, you need something I offered it.” He murmured as he looked away blushing and fidgeting again, as he did the top vanished reappeared and vanished again.”
Why did you choose the character you did? I have always felt more comfortable with the darker ilk and rather enjoyed the idea of a character who had unique weaknesses along with some real fire within him. He is also the same character I have been playing for 21 years.
Why did you choose Gaela? I am one of the owners of Gaela. The place was chosen and made ideally for characters like this, that don’t fit well anywhere else but also for those that just like the family environment.

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Post source : Nu Vibez / Roleplay Guide Issue #33

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