Gaela Character Review: Cerian Lilith Borienaioct
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Gaela Character Review: Cerian Lilith Borienaioct

Race: Aether Arch Demon

Age: 398,543,661,818 mark (or 5,000 human years). She can, however, only really remember why she fled from the abyss.

Back Story: Cerian was born in Hellfire and has six other siblings, one of which is Alukin — he was first. Bastion the second with Cerian Third to be born.

Cerian is known for adopting random persons just so she can hug on them! Cerian was in the realms of the abyss, She had to flee from there because her worshipers turned against her, when she was not pleased with their offerings. So, to make her own point, she refused to help them. As a result, the Assassins, gamblers, rogues and sadists were all trying to kill her, and since she’s an Intermediate Deity, she figured that Gaela, a place she found while on the run, would be the safest realm for her to live in. Still looking over her shoulder hoping no one would notice her or find her, she continues on, doing what she does best.

Most Current Situation going on in your RP: She has met her adopted son, the demon War, and after receiving a gift from him, in gratitude, she makes him a lunch box full of good food with fresh bread that she baked , in her own bakery, earlier in the day. She is very proud of him for doing his best around Gaela .

Why did you choose the character you did?: Its funny … I started with a totally different concept of my character, but the storyline just seemd to evolve me into what I am today. Originally I was Dorobouh (that is currently the name the male version that my gender-shift uses), and she was based on Her male version basically runs the bakery. But me as Cerian (same person just different names for them), only goes in there when needed.

Why did you choose Gaela?: it is very simple. I was looking for a new RP sim that I could be a part of to forget about other issues and stress factors of my sl/rl. I wanted one that had all ages without the nastiness of adult sims, the horrid expenses of meters, huds and weapons — and steampunk/asian inspired me. What really made me happy was the fact that I followed my instinct and visited Gaela on Ethans recommendation. without him I would most likely have ended up on another RP sim that does not have the sense of family this sim has.

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Post source : Nu Vibez / Roleplay Guide Issue #33

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