Gaela Character Review: Kaelas Wyn
Photo Credit To Filipa Thespian

Gaela Character Review: Kaelas Wyn

Race: Garou

Age: 29

Back Story: Lupus born to a wolf pack as an albino, but not metis. He lived as a wolf until hunters came and killed his whole pack for their pelts. He survived being skinned, but on the brink of death his shaman abilities kicked in. Since then he hears spirits and can heal with a touch. He took revenge on the hunters and since then travels the world, looking for a pack that accepts him. His strange looks make humans weary of him and garou think he is metis born and thus a bad omen to have around.

Most Current Situation going on in your RP: He left the pack since they wouldn’t accept his mate and son and moved to Gaela with them, tries to get accustomed to the advanced technological circumstances here.

Why did you choose the character you did? I wanted to play a garou and was always fascinated with albinos. Thus an albino garou.

Why did you choose Gaela? It is my home, I’m one of the founders and helped build it. I love it here.

How did you come up with your Backstory? I saw the avi I made and knew he didn’t have an easy life. From that his story and personality surfaced on its own during playing him.

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Post source : Nu Vibez / Roleplay Guide Issue #33

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