Gaela Character Review: Baldur
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Gaela Character Review: Baldur

Baldur was born to two sirens. When he was 6 they left him at a dock and said this was normal for sirens to do this. At the dock he was picked up by a fisherman and his wife. they took care of him, including giving him their blood. He had never once went into frenzy with them.

When they passed he returned to the water and went exploring. When he did, he found a male mer (Crow) who had in his company, a female named Luna. Crow and Baldur realized they have the same tails, which shocked them as it is odd for merpeople. They figured out that they had the same mother.

With these two people, Baldur found a rift into a strange land. While there, he partnered with someone, raised a child (not his own), lost his partner, broke the bond, gained a much better one (Al), and saw the child grow rapidly. It took most of his time to raise his child, most of his life spent in the water where he could not see his partner. After she was of age he returned to the surface to see much of what he knew must have changed. It was so different and he couldn’t find his mate. Saddened, he returned to the ocean, never even thinking of breaking the bond with the demon. And as he did before, he began again.

Most Current Situation going on in your RP: Baldur has found yet another rift and unknowngly drifted into it. The rift landed him in Gaela.

Disoriented, lost, and confused, Baldur stays in the water, hoping to catch someone down by the water to help him.

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Post source : Nu Vibez / Roleplay Guide Issue #33

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