With a Wave of the Wand, the Magic Season is here in Second Life

With a Wave of the Wand, the Magic Season is here in Second Life

Written by: Journey McLaglen
Images by: Filipa Thespian

Creator: Lucca Claven, Claven’s Wands

In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own.  ~ Albus Dumbledore from the screenplay, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Walk through the quaint shop door at Claven’s Wands and Supplies and you enter a magical place that invites the imagination to follow.  The shop and its beautiful wands are the creation of Harry Potter enthusiast Lucca Claven.

Claven is part of a growing group of roleplayers reliving the wonderful adventures of Harry Potter and friends. And as with any good book series when translated to roleplay, there is no end to the adventure.

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“I really loved the movies and have recently begun reading the books ,” Claven said. “The world of Harry Potter is beautiful and fantastic to me and I’m so happy to see it be so widely accepted and popular in SL. And it only pleases me more to be able to contribute to the fantasy by creating things for it!”

Claven’s  Wands and Supplies opened in Second Life  about a month ago. It is a deceptively warm and welcoming place considering the powerful nature of the goods found inside.  As one enters the foyer, Chocolate Frogs are in an open dish on the foyer table and school insignia neck wraps are displayed in shadow box frames.


The wand room to the right is neat and orderly, each incredibly beautiful wand carefully displayed in its collector’s box. Lucca has been mindful to keep the designs original and unique.

“I tried not to create a wand directly from the movies or books,” she said, “but I guess overlap will occur once in a while. For now, the wands are all based on wand craft designs or straight from imagination.”

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The elegant wands seem as if they were hand turned on a lathe and come loaded with a variety of finishes to ensure that no one can exactly duplicate your wand design. The detail is simply amazing and just one look is enough to tell you that Claven is a master builder with more than five years of experience in SL.

Claven uses Autodesk Maya to craft the wands, but the wood… “I chose 36 textures of what I believed would be the most commonly used textures to start out with. Future wands may be available in all the current textures, or they may have new wood textures. You never know! ”

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And these wands are not just for show. There is a small transparent sphere connected to the edge of every wand to allow for excellent particle scripts and you can add spells to them if you like.

“I have scripted a Lumos/Nox spell that I’ll be putting out shortly that people should feel free to add to their wands! When I script more, I definitely will let everyone know,” said Claven, adding that she has a whole world of ideas that she will create from in the near future.

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“That’s part of the fun. The stock wands are great and necessary to start off! But there’s so much more to come in the future.”

Reproduced with permission from Roleplay Guide Magazine.
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