Madrid Solo, Not Your Regular Girl

Madrid Solo, Not Your Regular Girl

When we mention the name Madrid Solo, the first thing that comes in mind are her extra-detailed photos of Second Life (SL) Avatars. Her talent at graphics is not only an instrument that is admired by many, but also an inspiration to many aspiring graphic artists of Second Life.

I have managed to work my way into her busy schedule and do an interview with this virtual wonder-woman, who owns a Photo Studio, a Makeup Store and has a passion for art. I have left a few parts of this interview unedited, for you, dear reader, to understand this woman’s character and see why I simply fell in love with her.

When asked who Madrid Solo really is, she responded to me promptly, with a wicked grin on her face that, “Summed up, I am no better, no worse, no different than most people. Flawed, certainly. Talented? Marginally. But as a whole, I am a happy soul with too many blessings to count.” (M.S.). I then continued and asked her what Madrid Solo will never be. Her answer came quicker than the previous one… “perfect.“

“I’ll never be perfect. I’ll never pretend to be perfect. I’ll never be ungrateful and hopefully I’ll never be someone I’m ashamed to be.”

Her inspirations are numerous. She says that, despite her potentially un-politically correct answer, Hillary Clinton is her major inspiration in 2015, for she wishes to live long enough to see a female US President.

Nevertheless, she had her virtual inspirations as well. Having behind her, a past of real life graphic work – just for fun, she mentions – she found it natural to bring her talent into Second Life. She admires the works of Marcopol Oh and Lara Ubert, two photographers that she named “diametrically different, but also genuinely talented”.

I moved into an abstract place of our conversation and asked what art is, in her vision. “Now that’s the million dollar question isn’t it?” shared Madrid, “Art. It’s that elusive, subjective characterization we humans like to try and wrap up in a box and put a bow on. But fortunately because “art” cannot be wrestled into submission, having a life of its own, we get to experience the infinite chaos that is art. I believe the real foundation of art is what the artist breathes into it, and what the viewer takes away.”

As for her, she also defines what she does as art, because for the most part it is a manifest of her mind, put out to the audience.

She claims she sees beauty in almost everything, from the ugliest fish of the sea to the most grotesque frog on land. The color, the texture, the sound, anything beautiful can be found in anything that doesn’t necessarily wraps up as “exterior beauty”, she affirms.

“In my opinion, true beauty I think you have to be able to feel as well as see.” (M.S.)

However, we made an exercise of imagination together and transported ourselves in a world where beauty patterns are always respected and met to the ultimate detail. What she found is that a world like that would be nothing but dull, lacking any kind of interest. She believes that what makes life interesting is the challenge of finding beauty in anything that surrounds you, and that when you have nothing to search for anymore, life would lose its sense.

Moving to more “serious business”, I asked Madrid if she loves what she do, if she loves her studio and her makeup store. She affirmed that the moment she doesn’t love what she does, she will stop. She is a real life cosmetic and tattoo art lover, and just wanted to combine the two in Second Life™, for it is way easier on this platform than in our palpable world.

However, when asked how important makeup is in general, she responded that, in a nutshell, it’s not, this referring to a hypothetical situation when “say you need food but want makeup. Food will always come first and that’s how it should be.” (M.S.).

She is an artist who sees the face of a regular human like a canvas, and she loves putting herself in the place of a painter.

One thing I absolutely loved about Madrid is her definition of success. Being asked what is the key to success, she responded promptly: “I think success is one of those things we grow up thinking is one thing, and find out later in life, it’s quite another. Success does not equate to the amount of money you make or have. It’s my opinion that to say, “I am successful” means I am content with what I’ve accomplished. I am happy with my choices and I didn’t achieve these things without the help of others. Because if anyone says, “I’m completely successful and I did it all on my own”, they’re not being honest, or humble enough to acknowledge the help they’ve gotten along the way.

The key to my “success” is most definitely the people I surround myself with.” – M.C.

After this whole pleasant conversation, I decided to dare Madrid with four “Turbo Questions”, exclusively for NuVibez Magazine. And voilà! You have them all right here:

CW: If you were to have lunch with any person, past or present, who would it be and why?

MS: What a question! In my profile I have a quote by Mark Twain, it reads “But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?”.

I would love to sit with Mark Twain and pick his brain a bit. But I would also love to have lunch with Jane Goodall and tell her how much I respected her love of primates. But I can’t leave out Joan Of Arc. And this is going to sound horrible, but I just gotta know… what did she hear?

CW: From where or who did you learn the most in your life?

MS: That’s easy. My mother. Not that my father didn’t contribute, because he did. But it was my mothers fortitude, her raw intellect and her acerbic humor and wit that I learned the most from. But also, life. Life has the most extraordinary way of teaching us lessons. The hardest are the most valuable, wherein we learn the most. So thanks Mom and thank you life. 🙂

CW: What is one thing that you have taught others?

MS: How to treat me. I’m one of those people that will not tolerate disrespect. I will respect you and you will respect me. That is a non-negotiable ordinance of my life. That doesn’t mean you have to like me, or me you, it means I won’t tolerate bad behavior, or abuse of any kind.

CW: What is the thing you enjoy the most about your Second Life™?

MS: That I can do things here that you simply cannot physically do in your first life. I love that we can make things happen here, even if you can’t anywhere else, so you can find a measure of happiness in the smallest to the greatest things.

And there you have it. I made it a mission to strip Madrid of any inhibition and emotion, but I was lucky for she was nothing but an open book. A woman of success, who made it through fire and ice to do what she loves, and made it only because she loves it. What can be more fabulous?

For you only,
Crista Wellens

Post source : Nu Vibez / Roleplay Guide Issue #33

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