Fashion Editorial
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Fashion Editorial

When I think fashion, I don’t limit my mind to just pieces of clothing or accessories. For me, fashion is an attitude, an ability to take even the simplest towel and make it look like a runway piece. Latest trends in real life have shown us that with a little courage to push oneself out of the
comfort zone, anyone can be fashionable.

I remember when I watched the movie “Ratatouile” – a film that is mostly for children, but has a very valuable meaning if you look in depth – and I realized that anyone can do anything. All that is required is passion and ambition.

Allow me to introduce myself, dear readers, as I am a new addition to this magazine. I am Chillicalifornia. I won’t lose time and words giving you my Curriculum Vitae, as it’s both uninteresting and public. What I will explain is who I am as a person. I am motivated to give this magazine the flair that has existed and will continue existing. I am here as the new Fashion Editor and I believe that my pledge – to put real fashion into virtual pages – needs to be told and respected. So I promise to make reality out of all my plans, and I promise to imply every single reader of this magazine in the process.

When I was first asked to write my note, I remained a bit shocked, as modern times give us the wrong impression that everything there is to talk about has been talked about already. However, I chose not to believe rumors of a modern day and go after my own code of values and morals. In this issue, I shall talk about simple models.

When I say simple I only mean a model like me, like you, like everyone else. Models who are all about fashion. There have been so many cases of anorexia, so many blames addressed to the Fashion industry in the last years. And somehow some of the models did it. I will detail more about successful modeling in the upcoming pages of the magazine, but right now I would like to mention something else that caught my attention and did disturb me.

Lately, every model has a word of definition put before the model title. Nowadays, we are white models, black models, Asian models, gay or straight models… How dare we. I can’t help but wonder what is the result of so many years of work and blood given by so many courageous people in order to open the eyes of people and make everyone realize we are equal. What stresses me is that we can’t be proud of just being models anymore.

The fashion industry is, was and will be defined as a place of freedom and acceptance. It won’t matter if you’re gay or straight, black or white. However, when we see a news title or a magazine headline, we might often encounter the words “X, black model, did this” or “X, famous plus size model, did that”. WHY should it matter?

When you think model, you think someone that enjoys fashion and is able to promote it. That’s all it takes to be a model. No, it doesn’t take a certain skin colour, nor a certain sexuality, nowadays nor even a certain weight. There is and yes, should be some criteria for differentiating models from clients, as our job is different and just like a doctor is required to know how to use a scalpel, we are required to look a certain way.

But that has nothing to do with what or who we are. It only has to do with what we can do or what we can learn. This is my wake up call to everybody in the Fashion Industry. This is my letter of revolution, a revolution of fashion. A call for the people who don’t need that extra word between their name and their title as a model or as anything else. This is a call for pride in whatever or whichever we are.

I dream of a world where we wouldn’t have to say:

  • I’m an ebony model
  • I’m a white model
  • I’m an Asian model
  • I’m a gay model
  • I’m a lesbian model
  • I’m a transgender model
  • I’m a disabled model
  • I’m a plus sized model
  • I’m an ANYTHING BUT JUST a model.

I dream of a world where we can just say “Hi, I’m a model. And so are you.”

Fashion Editor

Post source : Nu Vibez / Roleplay Guide Issue #33

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