Hogwarts in Second Life – The Props

Hogwarts in Second Life – The Props

Written by: Vanatosis Arentire
Images by: Filipa Thespian

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Few things can augment the joy of role-play like the right props. Props are physical, visual. They illustrate and enhance the world around you, making it easier to suspend reality and more fully immerse yourself in your story. For example, the world of Harry Potter is diverse and complex. But a few simple props can bring your character alive in this fantastical world.

Want your character to look the part? Check out Boom’s Potter-style vests and capes. Want a quick game of Quidditch or a mode of transportation worthy of a wizard? 3D Dreamworld Studio’s Broom is the perfect ride and a steal at L$20. Want to show off your favorite house badge? Check out Pond’s casual shirts. And we can’t forget about that most essential part of the Harry Potter experience – the wand.

A quick search through the marketplace will net you many options, but a few that stand out are CW&S’s basic wands and the wands offered by Keira Seerose, whose wands, much like those in Diagon Alley, are custom-fitted to each individual player.

Why are dedicated role-players so passionate about game immersion? Well, for one thing, it’s important that a player’s character appearance is appropriate for the story environment. Face it, a 12-foot tall, green space monkey shooting laser beams from its eyes really wouldn’t fit into a world of wizards and magic. For another, looking the part is every bit as important as playing the part. Your character is more believable, not only to other players, but also to yourself. This is another way in which the right props add so much to role-play authenticity. A seasoned role-player could describe a wand in loving detail, but actually holding the wand in one’s hand makes a world of visual difference.

If you want to increase your story immersion, visualization, and overall fun, give props a try in your next role-play session!

RPG1110 - Character Style - Hogwarts - 02 of 07

RPG1110 - Character Style - Hogwarts - 03 of 07

RPG1110 - Character Style - Hogwarts - 04 of 07

RPG1110 - Character Style - Hogwarts - 05 of 07

RPG1110 - Character Style - Hogwarts - 06 of 07

RPG1110 - Character Style - Hogwarts - 07 of 07

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