The Library
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The Library

Sophistication and Class with an Erotic Edge

By Sherrie Shepherd

The Library is an establishment that caters to the upper crust, those who exude sophistication and class and are in search of intelligent conversation, a shared interest in literature, humorous banter, and diverse forms of entertainment.

Arriving for a first visit to The Library, you’re immediately accommodated with comfortable seating in front of a welcoming fireplace, arranged in a way that encourages group discussions.  A glance around at the rows of full bookcases reveals the types of literature available and preferred by the well-heeled members of the group.  Catching your eye are shelves of classic erotic novels, the full complement of Gorean novels, The Story of O, a wide collection of themed short stories, and a special section devoted to short stories authored and contributed by members of The Library Group.

A librarian educates you on the history of The Library itself, which was built in 1895 by a wealthy benefactor who entrusted the Library Association with carrying on with his plans for the institution.  As you listen intently you can’t help but be distracted with the sound of giggling and hushed voices coming from a hidden corner of the library.   A disheveled couple emerges into sight looking sheepish and heading for the basement in a bit of a hurry.   Others seem not to pay attention to the couple and continue their discussions very nonchalantly.


Creator of The Library, Jett Roxan, remembers that, “As a boy, I was dropped off at the Library and left there for hours, which I enjoyed immensely.   It was a huge place with many little corners to get lost in.  Before the advent of the internet, the local library was my first exposure to erotica through stumbling on to some of the Gorean novels in the sci-fi section.  It was my first exposure to nudity in art, through the black and white images in the large picture books in the photography section.  I lived in a very sheltered home, and the library was the knowledge of the world at my fingertips.  I think many libraries (especially the large old ones) are places of mystery and wonder and beauty.”  Clearly, Roxan’s memories of his childhood library experience served as inspiration and coupled with his own imagination gave birth to the concept of The Library which he now shares with its members.

Roxan spoke of the role-play aspect of The Library, “I should clarify perhaps that the space is not exclusively for role-playing.  I really wanted to create two spaces.  The upstairs is a more traditional Library venue with a large circle of chairs and couches where people can hopefully find intelligent conversation in local.   The basement is meant more for role-playing and meeting like-minded people for other kinds of deviant activities.”


A standard has been established in terms of the appearance of visitors to The Library.  Roxan added that, “Many years ago I observed a difference in the avatars at Frank’s (Frank’s Elite Jazz Club) because of their strict dress code.  A certain “type” of person is attracted to that environment. By asking men to wear suits, it provides a bit of an atmosphere of sophistication that I believe becomes a library, and sets the tone for great conversation.  I understand that behind every noob is a real person, with real feelings, so I don’t want to sound too elitist.   But I’m personally a very visual person, and I know what I am personally attracted to in an avatar.   There really needs to be a place where beautiful smart people can meet and hang out with beautiful smart people.  I think The Library is one of these spaces today.”

A recent exception to the dress code standard was an evening of lingerie modeling by willing female members of the group in the basement of the library.  However, the gentleman, while encouraged to enjoy the view, were required to wear the customary suit.  Another recent event involved a twist on the truth ball game; that being a voluntary “strip” truth ball event.

Roxan offered that, “We are a relatively new venue, however, we have met with quite a bit of excitement and the group is growing quickly.  We will see where things go, but I feel I owe a good bit of the initial success to my many great friends.  Their enthusiasm has helped make this an enjoyable endeavor. “


Visit The Library at Sultry Night (70,152,579).

Post source : Sherrie Shepherd

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