Gorean Slave Attire

Gorean Slave Attire

Written by: Stephania Vuckovic
Images by: Daeden Jessop

We see it all over gor, slaves running around in expensive jewels and fabrics, often even when doing chores that in the real world would have destroyed these garments.  Now, the big debate I’ve heard over and over through the years is “what owner would adorn a slave with expensive jewels and fabrics, let alone send them out to serve and do hard labor in them?”

Perhaps many do not realize the differences or the realities of it vs. what is available from sl clothiers?  So we felt it might be a nice thing to spell it out here for you in an entertaining way.

Slave Silks

Silks - Spread 1aSo, when should these be worn … when your owner takes you with him or her to visit another Free or cities and has it in his mind he wants to show off his property; when you are dancing; for your owner’s pleasure (being displayed); for private quarters OR if you are a high slave, though not all high slaves wear silks.  Otherwise, when your owner orders you to.  These were VERY rare to be found on slaves in the books.  Slave silks possessed a disrobing loop or slave knot at the left shoulder.

There are many types of slave silks, including “every day silks” and “dancing silks.”
“I slipped on the bit of silk. I looked in the mirror and shuddered. I had been naked before men, many times, but it did not seem to me that I had been so naked as this. It was Gorean pleasure silk. Not naked, I more than naked.”
(Captive of Gor, p322)

“The simple bowknot is often spoken of as the slave knot. It is the sort of knot prescribed by masters for the fastening of slave garments, because of its ease in undoing. It is fastened at the left side of the girl’s waist, where it is handy for a right-handed male, facing her.” (Renegades of Gor, p161)

“…opaque silk for morning; diaphanous customarily worn for the evening, when on the floor dancing, when serving food an drinks.” (Dancer of Gor, p259)

Silks - Spread 2aa“Slave Silk, and certainly that sort which is commonly worn in paga taverns and upon occasion in brothels, when the girls are permitted clothing there, is generally diaphanous. It leaves little doubt as to the beauty of the slave. Some girls claim they would rather be naked, claiming that such silk makes them ‘more naked then naked,’ but most girls, and I think, even those, too, who speak in such a way, are grateful for even the wisp of gossamer shielding it provides against the imperious appraisals of masters, even though it must be pulled away or discarded instantly at a man’s whim.”  (Dancer of Gor, p224)

“There are a large number of ways in which slave silk is worn. It can be worn, for example, on the shoulder or off the shoulder, with high necklines or plunging necklines, in open or closed garments, tightly or flowing, and in various lengths. Sometimes it is put on the girl only in halters and G-strings, or mere G-strings. Sometimes it is done, too, in strips wound about her body. The tying of slave girdles, with such silk, and otherwise, to emphasize the girl’s figure and make clear her bondage, is an art in itself. Often, too, and as usually in paga taverns, it is worn in brief tunics. Most of these are partable or wraparound tunics. Such may be removed gracefully. Some tunics, however, like some regular slave tunics, have a disrobing loop, usually at the left shoulder, where it may easily be reached by both a right-handed master and a right handed slave. A tug on the disrobing loop drops the tunic to the girl’s ankles, also gracefully.”  (Dancer Of Gor, p225)

dancing silks a“In most paga taverns, of course, the girls are silked. Usually it is only in the meanest, the cheapest and lowest of taverns that the girls serve naked, much as would the females of a conquered city at the victory feast of their conquerors, now, or soon to be, their masters. Slave silk, and certainly that sort which is commonly worn in paga taverns and upon occasion in brothels, when the girls are permitted clothing there, is generally diaphanous. It leaves little doubt as to the beauty of the slave. Some girls claim they would rather be naked, claiming that such silk makes them “more naked than naked,” but most girls, and I think, even those, too, who speak in such a way, are grateful for even the wisp of gossamer shielding it provides against the imperious appraisals of masters, even though it must be pulled away or discarded instantly at a man’s whim. Too, I think most girls know that they are very beautiful in such silk, and this, I suspect, is why they love it, and treasure it.”
(Dancer Of Gor, p224-225)

dancing silks 2a“I had scrambled on my knees for the coins flung to the floor, seizing them, thrusting them hastily, so many of them, with one hand, into the lifted, bunched portion, held by my other hand, of the dancing skirt, a lovely, swirling skirt, scarlet, open on the right, of diaphanous dancing (pg. 223) silk. I had been permitted a scarlet halter of the same material. My midriff, like my right thigh, was bared. The skirt was low on my hips. I wore a double belt of threaded, jangling coins, one strand high, one low, as with the corded belt of metal pieces I had worn in my virgin dance, weeks ago. I also wore a triple necklace of coins, together with necklaces of slave beads, of both glass and wood. These coins, all of them, would be counted by Mirus when I disrobed. On my left ankle were bound slave bells. My right ankle wore several anklets. I was barefoot. On my wrists were bracelets. On my upper left arm was a coiled armlet. A ruby, held by a chain, was at my forehead. Wound in and about my hair were strands of pearls.”
(Dancer of Gor, p223-224)


DSCF8440aThese were the most common garment for slaves.  Worn for working and daily wear.  These were one of the few garments that slavers allowed slaves to wear.

“The common camisk is a single piece of cloth, about eighteen inches wide, thrown over the girls head and worn like a poncho. It usually falls a bit above the knees in front and back and is belted with a cord our chain.” (Nomads of Gor, p90)

“The camisk is a rectangle of cloth, with a hole cut for the head, rather like a poncho.   The edges are commonly folded and stitched to prevent raveling.   Under Targo’s direction the girls happily cut and stitched their own camisks.  The camisk, I am told, normally falls to the knee, but Targo made us cut ours considerably shorter.  I made mine poorly.  I had never learned to sew.  Targo was not satisfied with its length, and he made me shorten it still more.  Mine was then no longer then Lana’s, or the other girls’!  But I remembered my beating.  I did not wish another.  I feared Camisk - Spread astraps terribly.  And so I was dressed as they.  The camisk, I am told, was at one time commonly belted with a chain. However, most of the camisks that I have personally seen, and those we were given, were belted with black or brown binding fiber: sometimes, instead, a long, thin strap of leather, “binding leather”, is used.  a long, thin strap of leather binding fiber..Our camisks were brown, which is a common color.  Camisks may, however, be in a variety of colors, and the binding fiber, or leather, may be of matching or contrasting color.”
(Captive of Gor, p62-63)

camisk 3a“The binding fiber, or leather, passes once around the body,  and then again, and then is tied, snugly, over the right hip.  When Targo inspected me, he made me tighten the belt, to accentuate my figure.  Already had learned, for the first time in my life, to stand straight.  I was cuffed,  or kicked, when I forgot.  Soon it was natural for me to do so.  The belt of binding fiber, or leather, not only makes it easier to adjust the camisk to a given girl, but, of course, it serves to remind her that she is in bondage.  In a moment it may be removed, and she may be secured with it, leashed, or bound hand and foot.  I wondered why Targo permitted us camisks.  I think there were probably two reasons.  The first is that the camisk, in its way, is an incredibly attractive garment.  It displays the girl, beautifully, provocatively.  Moreover, it proclaims her slave, and begs to be torn away by the hand of a master. Men thrill to see a girl in a camisk”. (Captive of Gor, p63-64)

“One city in which the common camisk is favored, generally, is Tharna.  The men of Tharna, incidentally, commonly give their girls little to wear, even by Gorean standards, and tend to take profound satisfaction in their near nudity.  This is doubtless why they tend to favor the common camisk.” (Guardsman of Gor, p104)

Turian Camisk

Did not resemble the camisk that everyone else used because it was pulled between the legs, with exposed back, but the brand was covered (unlike the common camisk where the brand was always seen).

turian camisk - spread a“The Turian camisk, on the other hand, if it were to be laid out on the floor, would appear somewhat like an inverted “T” in which the bar of the “T” would be beveled on each side.  It is fastened on the girl at three points, behind the neck, behind the back, and in front, at the waist. The Turian camisk, unlike the common camisk, will cover a girl’s brand; on the other hand, unlike a common camisk, it leaves the back uncovered and can be tied, and is, snugly, the better to disclose the girl’s beauty  In donning the camisk the girl will tie the camisk behind the back of her neck; the rather vertical bar then falls before her, and she will then pull it to the sides, and tie it behind her back, this providing some shielding, though not much, for the beauty of her bosom; the farther part of the bar, falling before her, is then drawn back between her legs and drawn up in back, snugly, this providing a nether shielding, unusual in a garment permitted slaves; the two beveled edges are then brought forward and wrapped about the hips; the garment is then tied before the girl, snugly, at the waist, a location from which the tie, ready to the hand of a master, may be conveniently undone, enabling the cloth to be easily torn away, pulled loose, brushed aside, such things.  Indeed, the cloth, once loosened, may, if one wishes, be taken up and used as a slave hood, held in place by cords, secured about the girl’s neck.”
(Nomads of Gor, p92-93)

Pleasure Silk Wraps

pleasure silk wrap aThis is a strip of silk which can be tied around the waist, 18″ x 18″ square that was wrapped around their hips when they were expected to serve food and drink and the possibility to be used for sex was present.  This wrap was lain beneath a slaves rear end when a man furred her.  Why? Well it’s kinda obvious … because it was easy to remove.  Also provided to a man by the tavern master when he is taking a girl to the alcoves.

“Use Twenty-seven, said the man, handing Kuurus a bit of silk, Pleasure Silk, wrapped about a set of slave chains.  Kuurus threw the silk and chain over his shoulder and motioned the girl to move ahead of him and, numbly, she did so, crossing the room, going between the tables, and stopping before the narrow ladder at the right side of the high wall, in which were found the ledges with their alcoves. Not speaking, but woodenly, she climbed the ladder and crawled onto the shelf near the tiny alcove marked with the Gorean equivalent of twenty-seven and entered, followed by Kuurus, who drew the curtains behind them.”
(Assasins of Gor, p21)

“I reached over and put the bit of Pleasure Silk under her, that it might be wrinkled and bear the stains of her sweat.” (Assasins of Gor p22)

slave livery - spread aSlave Livery

Another preference, especially in Ar.  It has a very slight skirt and no sleeves, was yellow and was split down to a cord-belt that wrapped around her waist.

“Kuurus was apparently the first of the Caste of Assassins she had seen. Her hair was dark, and fell to the small of her back; her eyes were dark; she wore the briefly skirted, sleeveless slave livery common in the northern cities of Gor; the livery was yellow and split to the cord that served her as belt; about her throat she wore a matching collar, yellow enameled over steel.”
(Assasins of Gor, p7)

kajira talmit - Spread aKajira Talmit

A strip of brown rep cloth tied about the head to hold the hair back denoted a position of some authority on the chain.

“I had seen that she, too, wore a collar. More importantly, about her forehead, tying back her dark hair, was a strip of rep cloth, brown, of the same material as the work tunic. I knew this meant that she had authority among the girls. Ena was high girl in the camp, but I suspected that Ute might be first among the work slaves. I began to shake.”
(Captive of Gor, p305)

“I looked up at Ute. “You wear the Kajira talmit,” I said.  “The first girl of the work slaves,” said Ute, “had been sold shortly before my capture.  There had been dissensions, factions, among the girls, each wanting one of their own party to be first girl.  I was new.  I had no allegiances.  Rask of Treve, by his will, and because, for some reason, he trusted me, set me above them all.” (Captive of Gor, p306)

There are many other slave attire options available, this is just a sampling.  Check back next month for more.

Reproduced with permission from Home Stone Magazine.
Past issues are not currently available to view online as
they were printed as the publication has been defunct since 2010.

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