Duality by Avalon Chrome, Cover Art June 2015
Photo Credit To Avalon Chrome

Duality by Avalon Chrome, Cover Art June 2015

When we started the merging of two iconic publications, Nu Vibez and Roleplay Guide Magazine’s, I realized I wanted the cover to portray the merging of two different publications, of two different schools of thought … that of mainstream art and style and that of gaming and role play.

To portray this on the cover, I went to the Visionaire Institute, a leading photography school in Second Life, located at the iMoogi Entertainment Resort. I offered to the current students, an opportunity. Using ONE avatar and ONE pose, show me both street fashion or haute couture, coupled with something role play — a character for example. To the right is the winner of the competition, the talented Ms. Avalon Chrome.

When asked what her inspiration was, Avalon eagerly shared, “The theme of my art gallery is “Dreams”. But I took it further to express my feelings of rising above the frustrations of a lifetime of feeling unheard. Sometimes the anguish leaves me feeling a sense of duality, having to feel I need to be someone else to just be heard. So this photo symbolizes the sense of duality I often feel in my struggle to find my voice and be heard.”

Brilliantly done Avalon, keep up the magnificent work!


Fashionista Side:
Miamai_BL_Titania Headpiece White
Lcourse- Carrie Hoop Veil Silver
Miamai_BL_Titania -Glam Affair – Goddess Lipstick
Madrid Solo- Lying Eyes- Pink
IKON Lucid Eyes – Spearmint

Alien Side:
Xen’s Hats Extreme Headpiece
“W” Warrior Cyber Blue eyes
OtherSkin – Assula – Fleur

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Post source : Nu Vibez / Roleplay Guide Issue #33

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