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The Rebirth of RPG Magazine
Photo Credit To Filipa Thespian

The Rebirth of RPG Magazine

Just in time for Halloween, Roleplay Guide Magazine is revved and raring to shake things up once again!

This has been truly a year of birth and rebirth from the flames with the launch of iMoogiRadio.com and iMoogi.tv, the come-back of Avante Modeling Agency in Second Life with the inaugural fashion show “Ignite Your Fashion Passion” (seen on http://www.iMoogi.tv) and now, by some very serious demand from the gaming community ― Roleplay Guide Magazine.

Role play has always been something near and dear to my heart, from the early days with DnD and Champions table top RP games to the very first choice based role play computer games on amber or green monochrome screens to today with the elaborate interactive online games and high end graphics.

Roleplay Guide Magazine and the community site, WorldsOfRoleplay.com have always been specifically about this unique niche in the world of gaming but now, with this exciting resurgence and incredible audience growth, now nearing 89,000 online members, we’re going to expand our definition of what to cover by adding the card-based games such as such as Magic the Gathering and incorporating unique experiences such as Cosplay and LARP.

Roleplay Guide now also features our new Editor-in-Chief and Art Director, Ji Nirvana. Ji brings a fabulous new outlook, twist and ideas on presentation that is sure to keep things exciting for you, our amazing readers!

If you have idea’s for great stories, or things you want covered that you think would be great learning topics, give us a shout, Roleplay Guide is all about the players after all!

Happy Halloween and don’t forget to get out there, don those costumes and prep those character sheets and back-stories … really get into your character’s and have a great time immersing yourselves in a whole new reality, the one you create for yourselves!

All my best,
Filipa Thespian

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