Nu Vibez, June 2014

Nu Vibez, June 2014

In this issue we take a peek at Facebook and Google’s current invasion-ary marketing tactics, reviewing Google Glass and discussing Facebook’s new arrangements with Samsung.  Are these the first steps toward fusing man and machine, or just another tool to spy on others and remove more of our privacy?

Also in this issue, we delve into that funky little Second Life podium looking thing known as the SL Vote Station and find out what its all about past and present.  Umberto Giano takes us on a journey through the amazing work of the University of Western Australia inside Second Life and turned 10 this year … many “oldbies” hit the grid for a grand smash party to celebrate the website’s longevity.  Finally, theatrical licensing firm, J&G Unlimited, talks about the joys of community theatre and why it’s so important to our communities.  You wont want to miss this hot summertime issue!

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