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Photo Credit To Filipa Thespian

50 Shades of Valentine’s

The creative spirit burns never more brilliantly than when we are in love, thinking of love, remembering love, desiring love or even mourning love.

We all know what the day of love is all about and why, there is history to it, some of it confusing, some not and there are some amazing love stories throughout antiquity that still to this day inspire movies, books, music and art.

In the spirit of this creative entertainment, we bring you 50 Shades of Valentines … a compilation of short stories and poetry to inspire the intimate and the sexy within all of us.

by Crito Galtier

I see you in the darkness
In the shadow of the night
The silken veil of midnight
Covering your sight
The hood you wear obscures your face
But I know it is but you
The one I have been seeking
The one my soul but seeks
Extended hand doth touch thy face
To feel the warmth of flesh
I need to know it’s really you
The one my heart doth seek
Embrace we make of our desire
Our bodies clench to what’s aspired
Holding you in arms that covet
Our lips embrace and love transpires
Your touch and warmth fills heart’s desire
The love and passion my soul requires
It’s you! It’s you! The one I’ve sought
At last, at last my love is caught
Let time and distance challenge us
Our love will linger past the dusk
And in these arms embrace will take
Until time ends and makes its haste

by Daeden Jessop

The mystical enveloping shadow of night closes in around me as I take in my surroundings. Those haunting eyes are before me once again — so soft, so warm, so powerful and commanding. No words spoken and still I feel the need to obey … to give anything I can … all that I can, to please those marvelous eyes.

A light glints off that mesmerizing gaze. It’s a warm light, gentle, maybe yellowish, flickering. It reminds me of firelight or soft candles glowing in the darkness, sparkling within the depths of those beautiful eyes. I can see nothing else and yet I feel warmth, I do not shiver from cold, I feel safe … I belong.

My own gaze is held firmly in place by the enticing promise reflected from deep within his. A movement, seen in my peripheral vision, registers vaguely in my thoughts yet still I look only deep within those enchanting eyes.
A large, strong hand lifts up out of the darkness from the direction of the figure that stands before me. It lifts slowly toward my face, fingers loosely curled inward. The lightest caress grazes my soft cheek as the backs of his knuckles slip tenderly along my cheekbone to move gently below my jaw. The fingers uncurl to allow rough masculine fingertips to feel the tender flesh of my exposed throat.

Those eyes still locked with mine, the fingertips press gently against the quickly beating vein in my throat. He can feel what he’s doing to me by the reflection of my hearts’ heightened pace beneath his gentle touch. Softly they slide down toward the hollow at the base of my throat. I quiver, goose bumps race across my now heated flesh, his touch igniting more than just a physical need held long dormant deep within me.

Those eyes begin to move close and the most handsome face I’d ever imagined eases into the soft flickering glow of the light. His sensual lips part slightly and his tongue presses forth, moistening this new focus of my avid attention. The most delectable lips I’d ever seen stop within a hairs breath of my own, hovering, smiling ever so slightly as they wait.

I look up once again to peer into that now hungry gaze. My eyes seem to speak clearly to him my every thought, my every need. His look speaks in return to me that he knows, and is pleased, that there is no where else he’d rather be … that he too feels his very life depends upon the touch of our lips and the warm invitation of my heart.

His fingertips skim around the side of my throat; almost tickling they touch me so barely, heating a path to the very sensitive skin at the back of my neck. Slowly he begins to massage, gently, tenderly, lightly. The hairs at the nape of my neck stand on end as the gooseflesh continues to permeate through me spiraling out from each heated touch.

My eyes darken quickly with passion, with desperate need, screaming to him, begging and still not a word has been uttered by either of us … but he knows. With fierce determination, nay, possession, his fingers slide purposefully up into the hair at the base of my skull, fanning into it and then gripping possessively. He holds me, controls me and still I have not one thought to do anything but what he wants, to give him what he needs. A molten hot burn of desire flairs from within those precious eyes and without warning, those lips descend desperately down upon mine, claiming them for himself, claiming me … and I yield without thought, I melt into him giving all that he would take, all that his silent mastery demands … I am his!

Happiness such as I’d never known before consumes me. I am whole for the first time in my life. I feel complete, I do not even know his name and yet I know him.

A slight frown seeps into my face unbidden. Something’s not right. An unpleasant tugging sensation begins to pull at me. I fight to hold on to him as the world within my view grows hazy. It feels almost like a violent attack, but not of my body – of my mind, of the world around me. I am being yanked from him now and he recedes further and further from me into the darkness, one hand continuing to reach up and out toward me as if he too is fighting with everything he is to hold on. The flickering light fading, I see only those tender fingertips … and then … they too are consumed by the darkness.

The world around me begins to change. Blackness ebbs into gray growing lighter in terrifying increments as I am yanked from those powerful yet tender arms I crave so strongly.

The first vocalization of thought this night slips forth as I cry out for him, begging not to be taken from him. I am crying as he fades completely from my sight, but not from my heart. The cold light of reality returns through my reluctantly opening eyes and I am suddenly, depressingly awake.

I stare hopelessly at the ceiling, painful tears slipping slowly down my cheeks. My loss is so severe that I ache right down to my very soul. I am now fully awake but I know … I am still his … I know him better than I know myself and yet, heart-breakingly … I don’t even know if he exists.

by SaraMae Xaris

The sun it rises on another day
the soft warm kiss, of loving rays
reminds her of His strong embrace
of His love, His heart, His handsome face.

The mind doeth wander, to their last kiss
demanding power she cannot dismiss.
His hold on her remains fierce and true
no matter what these lovers do.

To Him her thoughts scream out of love
so pure, so full, a gift from above.
On this special lovers day
she sends to Him her heart to stay.

Once more she pledges every part
her mind, her body, soul and heart.
Come back to loose yourself within
the deepest love she has to give.

by Filipa Thespian

Rain is such a beautiful thing on a dreary Sunday when there’s no responsibilities and you can stay cozy and warm at home, mocking the cold wet with another sip of the perfect cup of coffee. Snuggling up with a good book and allowing yourself to doze off here and there. Yes, rain is a beautiful thing … but not on a moonless night, in your car, on a long empty road … rain falling so heavily you can barely see through the window with the wipers on high. And especially not when you are on the path to meet with your destiny…

She may have been edgy, driving through that vicious storm, yet excitement flowed vibrantly through her even as her thoughts roamed over her precarious situation. For tonight is not a night to stay cozy at home, nor a night to be afraid to step out into the world … tonight is the night she will finally find herself in the arms of the only Man she will ever love. The only Man who is able to truly and completely possess all of her. The Man who has owned her for so long, has brought her to such heights of joy and pleasure and yet still has yet to even touch her. Until tonight…

“Thank God for GPS,” she says to herself as she makes the turn she would have otherwise missed thanks to the intense darkness and the ceaseless torrent of water falling upon her car. So close to Him now, the closer she gets to her destination, the more her body positively sings with adrenaline.

“Tonight girl, you will be completely Mine. Tonight I claim all of you … come to Me!” She remembers their last conversation and she quivers, already the sweet feminine core He owns slickens in anticipation. “Tonight it will be My hands caressing that luscious body I own. Tonight it will be My mouth latching onto those delicious nipples. Tonight it will be My tongue teasing that throbbing clit. Tonight it will be My cock parting those soft folds and sliding deep into that tight little cunt I own. Until tonight my slut!”

“Focus!” she says out loud, snapping herself back to her surroundings, realizing that now is not the time to drift into her thoughts.

The road seems to stretch on forever, causing anxiety to build until finally she see’s the lights of the sign she’s looking for. She slows, blinker clacking wildly preceding the turn into the parking lot of the motel. She drives very slowly, struggling to read the numbers on the various doors, searching for the right one. Excitement bursts forth in a rush of heat through her body as she makes out the right door and slides her car into the spot right in front of the door.

As if on queue, the rain suddenly quiets to a light drizzle. She marvels at that for all of two seconds when the thought occurs to her, “He is just on the other side of that door.” Stepping from the car, she automatically adjusts her skirt, smoothing it down over her hips, pausing for only a moment to try to tame her rapid excited breathing. As the car door ‘thwumps’ closed, she hurriedly turns and makes her way to the popped trunk for her suitcase.

The lights bathing the front of the room when she parked, must have alerted Him to her arrival, for when she closes the lid of the trunk and looks up she see’s Him standing there, the light from the room behind Him, presenting her with His silhouette. He is leaning in the doorjamb, arms crossed against His chest, casual in stance, but she can feel His eyes boring into her, studying her, absorbing her as much as she is Him.

As if with a mind of their own, her feet begin to walk and she watches Him in amazement as He gets closer and closer … her mind not registering quite clearly that it is actually she that is getting closer to Him. Her eyes locked with His though she cannot see them clearly yet, closer she walks, suitcase following on obedient rollers. Stopping only when there is but a couple inches between them, looking up into that beloved face, silence stretches on and yet there is no discomfort, only peace, joy … and electricity. She swears to herself silently that anyone looking at them must be able to see the sparks igniting between them as they stand there for the longest time just staring directly into the eyes of the other for the first time.

His lips quirk into a smile, hers respond instantly with her own sultry grin. No words yet spoken, none yet needed. She releases the handle to her suitcase, the purse over her shoulder forgotten, and takes the last step that brings her body right up against His, whispering up to Him, “i love you” and within those three words are spoken a multitude… i am Yours … please take me … i need You … i want You … i submit!

With that, His arms open, wrapping around her. He pulls her tighter into His body, His lips descend slowly, the two of them savoring every second, every spark, every sensation, until finally their lips touch for the first time.

Everything else disappears and there is only Him, only His mouth, only His tongue parting her lips. Only her lips softly submitting to His desire, only His arms around her … only her hands sliding softly up His back … and they kiss…

by Filipa Thespian

There is no light
without His love,
which brings a warmth
to days long drudge.
It lifts the soul
and brings true peace,
a thunderous heart
for Him it beats.

There is no dark
without His desire,
when passion’s kiss
seeks loves sweet pyre.
The night erupts
with slickened screams,
that beg and plead
for more it seems.

There is no spark
without His flame,
with His fiery touch
the magic came.
Her body spent
in love’s embrace,
she gives her soul
with desperate grace.

There is no life
without His claim,
her sweet submission
for Him to take.
She feeds His power
with gift so sweet,
her mind consumed,
she is complete.

by SaraMae Xaris

When I think of you my love shines bright from my smile.
My eyes become beacons of love and adoration, speaking to you.
My heart sings to yours of love so deep and tender it knows no bounds. My body aches to hold you, to share with you all that I feel, all that I think, all that I crave.

When I think of you I wander off to that quiet place where we are always alone, where passion flares and heat abounds throughout the night. When I awaken, the need you inspire rages through me and a yearning so deep spreads through me.

When I think of you I feel safe, I feel warm and I feel loved. I picture you here with me, holding my hand, smiling at me, and my soul feels complete.

When I think of you I feel alive.

I am always thinking of you, and so I always know, always feel, always crave and always love with the deepest devotion, greatest love and fondest desire … I am missing you.

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I am Filipa Thespian, Editor-In-Chief of Nu Vibez Magazine and Founder/Publisher of Roleplay Guide Magazine (now a part of Nu Vibez). Additionally, I am a builder/content creator inside Second Life (, am CEO of iMoogi Entperprises, LLC, owners of, and other brands and am a graphic artist/web developer/marketer and all around multi-media professional with more than 20 years of experience under my belt.

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