Final Fantasy Fun Facts

Final Fantasy Fun Facts

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Final Fantasy does not refer to the end of a storyline, but rather the fact that, should characters fail, the world will end. That is how it is possible to have a FINAL part 7.

Knife Dude-2Currently, there are releases of Final Fantasy up to Final Fantasy 14 – including Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2, 13, and 13-2. There are multiple games connected to Final Fantasy 7 (but not numerically named) as well as one full length movie: Final Fantasy – Advent Children

Fire Monster 2-2This makes Final Fantasy both the most successful and prolific non-sports based gaming franchise since Mario Brothers.

Final Fantasy 7 explored a massive storyline centered upon the efforts to thwart an alien/human hybrid’s plan to harness the geomystical (yes, I just made that word up, but it works) energy of the planet to become a god.

Aeris (Aerith in Japan, and later US related content) died in the game – becoming unplayable. Players were so devastated by her death that rumors swarmed the internet of a further plotline unreleased in North America that allowed for her resurrection. These rumors were fueled by the “discovery” of lost “water-breathing” materia using game hacks.

turtle dude-2The Aeris/ Aerith storyline is still one of the most emotionally charged moments in gamer history over a decade later.

Fans have demanded a remake of the game – implementing newer technologies for years. Although Square (the company that created the Final Fantasy franchise) initially denied they would ever revisit the project, in 2010, a spokesman for the company revealed they had reversed their earlier decision, and would be discussing giving fans what they craved.

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